Wednesday, May 4, 2016


After years of stretching...stretching budgets, meals, clothes and showers the pressure has released. It happened gradually. A pin hole in a large balloon. Off to university, Australia, to the great big world of adulting. When moo flew the coop it was a shift as though shape and form were now flaccid and limp. My partner in life, crime and parenting will expand to fill the void. He is recklessly abandoned to fun and frolic..and this will set the new phase we enter. It has been a month short of 29 years of filling bedrooms, cupboards, and lives up. The cacophony was acrimonious at times, but more often it felt like a well-oiled gear, each taking the teeth to move things forward. I smile as I recollect the symphony of getting a meal on the table. It took me to conduct, and others to play their part...but it happened most nights, amidst lessons, play and homework. So the rubber recedes and rests before the onslaught of new life to our family...I will bask in the memories of yesteryear and prepare for grandparenting, which I hear is really fun.