Sunday, November 24, 2013


I like to use words like furl instead of curl, impoverished not poor, wendy not windy. I like the way the words dance on my tongue and cause pause for the reader and writer. Words evoke memories and imagination in a way that nothing else can. I can recall first hearing hue instead of colour. I was eight and from then I made a conscious decision to try to incorporate it when I could. I have oft made mistakes in understanding. Hearing and adopting word someone has also misused or was trendy at the time - but these quickly fall from my vocabulary. Playing scrabble has introduced me to nonsensical words or spellings that my husband claims are bogus. Qat and qi are ridiculous just as are kat and aa...but according to the official dictionary - they are perfectly acceptable in games. The "official" dictionary has now included the word selfie...which to me sounds like something from Aussie where everything is peachy and they like to contract everything to cutesy words that end like footie, Brissy, Uni... Will this same dictionary discard obsolete words? It appears this way as using hubris or obdurate cause unnecessary research. The dictionary that is quick to add a slang is becoming antiquated and unused as writers have made it easier for the reader to understand. So for a wordy like will be hard...for I love the pause and stump a new words causes.

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