Tuesday, November 26, 2013


...the saying too much of a good thing isn't so good...or at least that is my paraphrase. I have observed the diminishing returns of too much. Too many toys has meant too many choices for a toddler - who abandons all for the laundry basket with pretend steering wheel. An excess of food has often meant unbridled enthusiasm followed by remorse at having banqueted without limit. I am guilty. I have so many scarves to choose from I am overwhelmed and typically opt for the standby. I have boots, shoes, food choices - rye, sourdough, multi-grain, gluten-free, pita, bagel...I wasn't done yet - and these are in my house on a regular basis. I cannot pinpoint the tipping point where enough became excess - when things were revered for their scarcity. Candy, pop, toys, new clothes, new shoes....these were things I looked forward to. They were rare, special treats that stood out as thus. Life was about school, grades, chores, making beds and exploring the world. Mom and dad were busy - and we were busy too. Square ball, jump rope, tadpoles were pastimes...as were knip-knops from which I had perpetual bruised arms from the ball out of time landing perfectly on my radial bone. We played games, climbed trees from which we fell and hurt ourselves...and survived. There was never too much of anything - TV, toys or treats. Boredom was allowed...as was imagination. Want was never viewed with pity...but with hopes and dreams. Of late I observe that we seem to have too many things crowding out the imagination. Too many choices rendering us immobile for they are all good...chocolate, vanilla, cappuccino, strawberry, jamoca almond fudge, marshmallow........... it goes on and on...really..it does. I am trying to recognize the excess in my life. To rid myself of the too much for the just enough..or for the need a bit more, but can do without. I think it is cathartic to live in a place where satisfaction is not manufactured.

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