Wednesday, September 18, 2013

He's back!!!!

..surprising us again he came home dinner time. His MO. He confounds me sometimes. Demanding freedom with his own boundaries. Taking off with no plans, yet sticking to a schedule. He had situations...stories of Chicago and Detroit I could do without....and yet ... keeping with who he is. Trying to find "normal" food to him...with the right mix of beverage. He has always been an enigma to me. Telling me truths I can barely stand, yet appreciating his honesty. My kids are more wonderful than the world will ever know. How can they possibly see through my perspective? It is not just a mother's pride. They are people I would strive to know. My Kimee..battling books and being implanted in a country she knows not. Samee - rushing in - job in hand - with superhero powers - organizing tupperware drawers and playing piano to soothe my soul...and Mikee...dear and sweet..makes me smile and cry at the same time..reminding me of the powers of zinc...and the fragility of health. Gush...Gush...Gush... How can I not!! I have the most amazing kids and could not be more proud of each of them.

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