Monday, August 5, 2013

He's gone again...

The mop top of yesteryear has set out on an adventure across Canada. He surprises me..often. My adventurous, homebody son. His destination is where he ends up..his map is the tarmac and where it takes him. He is set in his ways and then floating with the wind. My wish is that this country teaches him much. I expect his return to enlighten him that humanity is better than he expects. I know this already. My wish is that he will see our country for what it is - beautiful, rugged, staid, curvy, straight, diverse, bi-polar, polite, hurting and spectacular. He has traveled other countries..and continents. He has seen the Vatican, enjoyed Amsterdam and the Gold Coast of Australia. It has affected him. It has formed the man he is. Canada - unleash yourself!

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