Saturday, July 13, 2013


I planted tomatoes a few months ago. I rarely have missed watering them. I love seeing the fruit of my labour red and juicy. In the cool of the morning I began to tend the beds - agog at the weeds that had taken over everything. My tomato plants were looking sorry. How quickly good things can go to ruin. How easily weeds can choke out life. As I unraveled ivy from my red maple tree I could see it too was affected by a vine. The tree is over 7 feet with a truck the circumference of a grapefruit - and yet the insidious, intrepid weed had managed to wend its way to the very tip and brown the leaves. Arms achy, back too, I heed the lesson of weeds; never leave them unattended. Cultivate and nourish the plants you want.

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