Saturday, May 4, 2013

...beyond limits??

...I sometimes think I am...or at least feel that way. I begin to weed the front yard and within a few hours I have things plotting. (excuse the pun)... A weed here, planting there and a wave of exhaustion hits. I know I have gone too far. My muscles ache, my eyes are itchy. Will I ever learn my limits? Will I ever pace myself so that I am not pushed to that brink? As the warmth of the sun ebbs and I sit to write I feel my inner self chastising actions. Dirty fingernails remind me of my enthusiasm to get in there without gloves. The pricks and pokes remind me of my foolishness. And although the tiredness cloaks me, I am sitting next to impatiens that will greet me on every arrival. Limits? Sometimes it is okay to break them...

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