Saturday, April 27, 2013

It happened so gradually I scarcely noticed the impingement. Peeking at my email, getting supplies on a Saturday, talking to clients on a Sunday...Now I feel trapped in the world of availability. When did 40 hours become 168? It is not just my diligence, my caring, nor my need to quell chaos that has acquiesced my life to my job. This was an inevitable part of my personality. Having compartments for my roles does not seem to work for me. I am a mom 365 days a year. My nature is to mother, and not just those I have issued to this world. I have no discretion at the age, stage or function of someone that might need a word of advice, chastisement, reminder of manners, health, caring, or encouragement. I am a cook and relish in the exchange of ideas, spices, markets and yes, even trends like acai berries and hemp seeds. I cannot turn this off. I am a natural editor. Not a cynic nor critical. I don't look for the mistakes of others. In fact I am liberal in my praise of well-written, well-rounded compositions from science, humour, business or fiction. But I notice things...Inconsistencies, misuse of words, commas, capitals and adverbs. The adverb and its overuse troubles me. They can add fluff and puff that confuse or bore the reader. Is important not strong enough? Is there a scale you are aware of that I missed? Really, very, extremely are common to find bolstering what I consider a word that makes me take notice. Does the addition or lack thereof change this? Competitor. I admit for me this is a role and not a trait. I am driven to wins in particular areas. Not usually against others..mostly with myself. I love getting the most possible points out of a Scrabble tile, five stars in Zumba, and a deal at the store. This also compels me to finish a project on time, on budget, and as faultless as possible and labels me a type A...and in some areas triple A. I thrive in the role of competitor as it pushes me to be my best. I challenge myself to take a corner fluidly on my motorcycle, to execute a maneuver I am scared to try, and to learn as much as I can about something that is new to me. Thus, I will check email, prepare for the coming week recognizing that I don't change hats but have a unique role just for me.

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