Saturday, April 13, 2013


I take pleasure in certain necessary chores. Frankly, I cannot understand how a toilet bowl is left with a ring when it can gleam in less than 15 seconds. There is satisfaction at the blue water and essence of wintergreen. I love when the drain munge is extricated with a toothpick and soap scum is polished from the taps. I am not a clean freak...or at least...maybe not a neat freak. I do not get the same satisfaction from hanging coats and sweaters, nor from putting dishes away from the dishwasher. Of late I have been able to avoid both. This break in frenetic tidying, cleaning, washing and folding is my respite. I could not remember a week where there were not 14 loads of laundry and the same amount of meals. Cookies were baked and eaten within hours of cooling. For now, I am relishing in those quick wins...toilet bowls and basins.

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