Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The perfectly right and perfect road...I have the answer

........NOT........I don't - I can't even pretend. I wish. I want. I can't. I have been there..done that....would do it different sometimes...would do it the same sometimes...would steer clear sometimes... and face it head on sometimes... I was asked recently about a situation and what I would do....but how relevant could I be when I have the experience of seeing kids fall on their face and get back up? Not every kid can get back up...I have seen that too. The crushed and broken kids that give up. The disappointed that try to find their place in this world. I would like to say not to worry too much about the future because you have no control about how it will unfold - and yet in the same breath tell them to be strategic about how you plan for the future.... I am clearly the worst at giving advice since I juxtapose and contradict all that I say.

sometimes things are hard....

...his mom has just gone to palliative care. The end imminent but unknown. The plans were in place for a journey abroad until his mom took the turn. A sombre tug weighs my heart now. Listening to all that he has wanted - to celebrate a milestone anniversary and grieve his son. March is the month he was taken. Too young to leave his family and world. The pain immeasurable for a parent. I would do anything to ease this. I am powerless. Sometimes things are hard...I have been there...and nothing can change things sometimes.