Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cinny buns again

Yep..another one of my issues is celebrating a new year. My son is 24, halfway between the arrogance of youth and the modesty of middle age. I am sure he still believes the chasm of decades will keep him away from the epoch of wrinkled years and fragility. The leap to grey hair is but a moment, and yet his smile imbues his obtuseness. The impish grin will line his face. His skin will slack, his muscles wane. I want to say so many things, but find myself tongue-tied when I see him dangle his arms and dance silly, or puff his face to make us laugh. It is hard to be serious when you see him do his jig in the center of our house where we gather.... And yet, I want to tell him to enjoy his youth and not to worry so much; it never helps. I want to warn him not to marinate in the bitter juices of jealousy, greed, or anger. They ruin your soul. I want him to remember to love with abandon and fully without measuring against what is given back. This is the only way to truly love. I want him to remember to have fun...forgive often, respect others and their opinions, and be slow to judge others. There is much more I could say...for I have grey hair....and am entitled. But for now...Happy Birthday Jared. love always mom

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