Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Enduring through sleepless nights, sub-par dinners and the answer of endless questions...I find myself at the conclusion of an era. Four little ones under seven and all their friends afoot meant creative licence in the kitchen..mediation in the backyard...and moments of thoughtfulness to the purpose of now. If I were to speak to my younger self I would tell me..don't complain too much...it ages you...don't take them too seriously...it ages you too... I would jump on the trampoline every moment I could...with reckless abandon and laughter. Lest I sound morose at not having experienced things....I did. I drank in the smell of a baby as much as I could...and enjoyed the giggles and tickles and wonderment of their curiosity... I see the dimples of my son as if it were yesterday...impish...only slightly defying..mostly just egging me into some melee to challenge his intellect. I recall being wakened by the pull of a single hair... "ooops" she said as I leapt to the ceiling in pain out of my sleep. I was engulfed in pregnancy and terribly sick, but is there a child that understands this? The passing of time has not saddened me at all. The memories are rich and deep. The malaise is more that I did not know the memories I was making. Kimberlee Karen, Jared Thomas Nairn, Samantha Lori and Mikaela Grace you have blessed me with every good and perfect gift. Thank you.

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