Friday, September 14, 2012

We all need.. be recognized....some more...some less...but it isn't nearly as egocentric as we might think... At least that is my conclusion to this week. I was dreading it. Dreading having credentials paraded and announced from a too small podium. Afraid of posturing and heads so big they could barely fit through the door. Uncomfortable with dronings from those whose voice was trying ever so hard to be heard amid the din of others...... It wasn't like that. Today. It was completely and utterly negative free. There was sharing, collaboration, humility, laughter, information, opinion, disagreement, spreadsheets, figures, data, tools, analysis, laughter, food, laughter, appreciation, pool, laughter, games, laughter, bonding, laughter, confession, laughter, appreciation, respect, camaraderie, team building, hugs, laughter,respect. We all struggle. Some with ourselves, our demons...some with loss, some with disappointment and sadness... None are immune to the reality of life..changing of seasons happens...even if we hate the winter. Among my comrades I heard their pain and displacement in life....their joy and their success....their anxiety and their hope. I learned some have ridden bulls, jumped from planes and endured needles without doctors. Some are well-traveled while others are travellers who have experienced life in many continents. One has loved the camera while another has quietly created beauty that speaks to souls. A few ride bikes, both motorized and non...and a tattoo was revealed that made us do an elbow pump... The motley crew that have assembled for the business meeting have had a different kind of meeting. The kind that knits hearts and memories together...

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