Saturday, September 8, 2012


That is the mode we are in....warming up to the changes of quieter dinners and the kids flitting in and out of our lives - a few by when laundry is necessary and the other, though around is planning her exit in November to Australia... It has been easier than anticipated for me. Not that I don't miss the kids..the bustle...the chaos of Saturday morning breakfasts for ten or twelve...laundry, dishes, shopping, leftovers. For some reason we still play fridge tetris. You would think with a few more out the door we would see the light in our fridge... Sad to say, I have yet to find it...and even after the cull of wilted celery and expired dressings, we are forever shuffling to make room for something. It drove a few of my kids to frustration and a few adoptees to amusement. The cupboards were like that secretly throwing stuff in to get it out of the way and the man following after with a plan of organization. I hated things strewn on the cupboards...he hated it askew inside. hmmmm....I am wondering now if this is an illustration of us, and I am feeling uncomfortable with the thought that it is. We are alone this Saturday. We meandered to a car event with friends...did a Costco run on the motorcycles...(3 items only)...and wound up in the pool splashing and enjoying the refreshment of the water and play. He threw me in. I was plotting the same for him just moments before so indignation would not do. As we swam I realized once again - I really enjoy this...spontaneity, laughter, connection. Resets are sometimes necessary.

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