Friday, August 17, 2012

....they arrived... Calgary safe and sound. Wacky, vintage loving daughter hugging curves with crazy vintage bike loving daddy. I got pictures along the way. The oasis of the Tulameen River that runs through Princeton.. I spent a Saturday languishing there, sun beating on my head and shoulders as I sat on soft rocks and visited with friends as a cold current refreshed my soul. We rode 3 hours each way for face time, and it remains as one of those defining days...sitting in a river, imbibing and then riding tricycles for adults down the streets of Princeton in search of ice cream. And now, Sambones has enjoyed the fruit of the Tulameen River. They rode on...I am sure down Old Hedley Highway with the solid yellow line because there is nowhere safe to pass.... They arrive at the lake in Penticton and they have to jump in....they have to...not just the scorching heat but the moment too...
They are pampered in Summerland with steak and barbecued peaches..breakfast in the morning and on the way to Tubby Dog in Calgary.. I am must be on the way as this renowned location of hotdogs has been a story at my family table that I have yet to experience. ...and this is how I know they I call and here faces stuffed with rendered meat that apparently is indescribable...and most likely will always be to me..

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