Wednesday, August 15, 2012

There is little truth to the fact that we control their lives. We think we do. We try to. In reality, we can influence but not control. We can suggest but ultimately they can neglect all wisdom and rationale as an act of defiance, independence or a momentary lapse in sanity. I was convinced this was not the case. I was sure that an endless barage of logic and sage advice would ensure that all of my wishes for them would unfold. I was persuaded by parenting books and articles that a + b = c. There are exceptions. I have observed a + b = a number of variables unrecognizable including the total being 6, which does not even compute. I have observed negligent parents be blessed beyond all with steadfast charges exuding wisdom and poise. I have observed helicopter parents produce resentful disruptive kids. Listen to your inner voice. Parent as you would like to be parented and you will be just fine...

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