Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Costco....I will miss the weekly visits with the sporadic mid-week necessity. Costco...I will miss Johnny and finding out how your band is doing... Costco...I will miss the cutest blond girly, girl, cashier that always was so sweet and embellished with jewelry and shades of pink. Costco...I will miss long pony-tailed, grey streaked, metal guy that should scare me to look at, that I know is a softy underneath the persona. He is a big man, but I can see perfectly braided hair and that he has pride in who he is for the right reasons. Costco...I will miss pierced guy who again is one of the sweetest people. Gentle in spirit....kind...always helpful. Nose rings and spacers don your head...but you wear your heart on your sleeve. have been part of my life for many years..30 packs of toilet tissue, mounds of bread, fruit, exposed us to things we would have never tried with samples. Some became staples..garlic aeoli...some unnecessary...jelly bellys (smile)... I visited the other day and realized this is another relationship that will change. I have no need of cases of tomato sauce and mega packs of pickles. I have no need of 1.5K of cereal or 42 granola bars. I will not be able to use 180 tablets of Advil before they expire..and why oh why would I need to buy 8 toothbrushes now? This will not be easy. have been our date night. Laugh all you want...a lot can happen when a couple spend time decision making on large and small things. "I really want those but I really don't need them" is my typical mantra.."but what's the big deal?" he says allaying any fear of his derision... "I want those but I am going to wait" That has happened many times with both of us... The demonstration of self-control, self-regulation in a place where things are gone shortly is worth the effort to understand your partner...What has emerged from the window shopping has often been an understanding on a level that transcends the ordinary. "You want that honey - go for it" is met with "It is okay not to get what you want".. Costco has been a place to try things...remorse and return things...enjoy things and also appreciate one another that we are not frenzied consumers looking for a fix...but walking our path and seeing what we need along the way to nurture our family and friends. thanks Costco.

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