Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Skype talks have replaced her presence. Last night we were amused by their chocolate teeth and "couple" banter. It had been over an hour and by then she was painting her nails and reading Facebook.....but we were still enjoying each other. The notion of missing her has been replaced by missing her physical presence. It did not escape my notice that her sister had probably talked less to us all week. It is not that the relationship is strained. For Samee we can have two minute conversations a few times a day. The weighty matters are saved. For Kimee it is typical to only have those heart to hearts...."this is where I am at" talk, but the luxury of getting bored in a conversation but lingering just to hear and see each other. As our morning unrolled snippets of Kimee are rehashed. "I hope they find a great place to live" "She seems to love what she is doing".... She is with us in the morning. Samee will soon grace us with her presence...we really must engage her more.

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