Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lesson on Procrastination

I intended to do so much more. At least to put away my dishes and pick up my clothes. Alas, I was inert and unable to accomplish more than settling under blankets and fluffing my pillow. I awoke this morning and quelled the dread by reminding myself things are not as bad as they seem. At 8:00am I began to bring semblance and order and by 8:10am the chaos was under control. I must remember this every day, for sometimes, the dread that floods leaves me powerless to move forward. It reminds me of the yoga instructor that tells our class that to make energy you must use energy. The more you use your energy the more you will make. Inertia follows the same rules with a different result. I am encouraged, enthused, energized for the day. I have a list of things that may only take me 10 minutes each, but for which I have procrastinated. The second thing to cross off is to try to blog every week. Done!

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