Sunday, December 4, 2011

Waiting for 100

Whilst my daughter is "Waiting for 100" (her blog) we are missing her and Andrew. We decorated the tree...they rode a train through Thailand. We supped on appetizers that included peanut butter rice krispie treat with chocolate....she ate things of unknown origin. We probably did as well...but we are sublime in our ignorance. Days weeks, months and years seem to speed by at such a pace to make one's head spin...and in our house .... a sign of fragility.

Mothering has not ended on Lyon Road....There is plenty of nag left in me... but it is with a caution at the realization that I really have little affect on the spin of their lives now. I can control my environment....but only for a moment....for I have known the fleeting moment of security is but that.... and then it changes....

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