Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Letters...

Have you got people who update you with their latest adventures through Machu Pichu or Chiang Mao? What about the one-way update on their kids..and the long list of amazing accomplishments saving third world villages whilst earning their second degree...or their 4 year old has started reading War and Peace? ...And then in this same letter I get to hear they built their dream house on acreage...professionally decorated....

Yes...I am venting...and not because I am vying for their life.... It was probably just my head space. I had a great summer...I explored the Sip n' Dip in Great Falls, Montana. One finished school and started a set off for adventure while waiting for immigration status... We have also had some down sides to this year. My tolerance for chaos increased exponentially...and not because I wanted it to. I have been stretched beyond measure in patience. I have learned several new skills and mastered a few as well. Anxiety over health lulled until the end of the year...I am now looking through my trunk to find the coping skills I acquired by necessity.

so...this is my Christmas letter....accomplishments with disappointments....highs and reality.

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