Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am eating cake made with butter icing and eggs - and of course wheat flour. It is a treat....but more lately when I realize that two of my daughters could not eat it - one being lactose intolerant, the other wheat and egg allergic.

My kitchen has had to change. I thickened gravy with cornflour today. I omit cheese...and try to find something that will be that "glue" to stick things together so that we can enjoy the same dinner together.

I am on a new quest....and if you know me this is a good thing. Out to find family friendly meals that include the above, along with two vegetarians, three carnivores with guests, a sugar sensitivity, a day that starts just after 5:00am and a full time job.

Women of yesteryear were certainly strong and brave, but women of this century have a whole new frontier to conquer.