Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reckless Abandon

...I can hear it....coming from the pool. Splash displacing gallons of water....giggles and plotting. They have been playing for hours....trying to get the perfect mid-air catch from the diving board in the air. I currently am hearing the moan of a back flop....not flip...and the subsequent laughing....doubled over of his cohort. The scissor kick did not work....the water was like cement. He didn't wind himself...but the pain was apparent. The fact that Andrew could not stop laughing at him was the tone of men playing.

We don't hear enough of this. Men flailing themselves at a hurling object...and then laughing such a deep belly laugh causing envy all around. We see angry men....stupid men....leering, ogling men. But rarely do you hear men at play...forgetting age and decorum and seeking that perfect catch...

It didn't happen. But the laughter filled the block.