Saturday, July 23, 2011

Eerie or ?

I think it is inborn. Perhaps a gift to some....perhaps a skill you hone with the more children you bear. I have come to this conclusion after innumerable instances of reminding - prodding - urging - encouraging - my children/husband/boss/employee/coworker/board get it now....they should check

In April I had a distressed call from a daughter. "I missed my flight!!" The conversation in my head went.."but I thought you checked that it was leaving tomorrow and not today...didn't I say something about that?" The actual dialogue held back. "Well now what can be done?" Which also meant that I stepped up to the plate and arranged rides, and plans so they could make a departure in a few hours. She was attending a wedding in Mexico. The thing was she used to work in the airlines. She saw this happen a million times. She didn't check it.

Last night, after many queries about why the Friday ferry had changed from last son just placating me that I was getting old....forgetful....perhaps imbibing. I found a text message from my friend confirming her departure. I forwarded it. Still he did not check. I have that personality that does not let things go as easily as most. It nagged on me....and so I checked on the web at 5:45 only to discover the ferry was to leave at 6:25. We were waiting on son wasn't ready.....and now....we were taxing separate cars to get them there.... It is not ego that makes me point out that I pushed them out the door with my husband and planned to take the other at arrival. At least my son might make it. The terminal is 25 minutes away and the tickets close sale at 6:15.

My son made the ferry by the fraction of a moment. The friend did not. He was texting me...not quite admitting that I am the consummate planner...ensuring his berth with my frenetic thoughts. He is grateful, humbled and probably annoyed that once again the intuition has been proved right.

Do you think they will listen next time????

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