Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Ahead

It is not for lack of content that I have neglected writing of late. I have been living more in my head than in public. Change, stress, sickness, have loomed this past month and seem to have railroaded my creativity and my voice. I am rejoicing at a new year. I love new calendars and daybooks. I love the prospect of changing my routine, a fresh start. I love the blank slate of each day and being able to write - neatly - appointments and events not to be forgotten.

A lot will change in the new year. A new job for me. New tasks for my man and children. Everyone will need to pitch in with patience, skills and help. I feel confident that they will shine. I have known that they really didn't need mollycoddling. I have known that they have always been capable. They have also always been willing. I now relinquish some responsibilities....some tasks...even things that I love will need to have assistance. There is trepidation, enthusiasm, nervousness and excitement all rolling around within my head and stomach. I try to plan and anticipate and know that it will be impossible until we are there.

There will be bumps. There will be tiredness, stress, challenges along with growth, invigoration, and peace. I just say "Bring it on" we embark on a new chapter.