Monday, August 9, 2010


Have you ever wondered why mom's have a sense of radar similar to bats? We seem to be able to locate stray socks, deli mustard hidden in the depths of the fridge, transcripts from years ago....We are also called upon to remember everything. "Remember when I fell down and hurt my knee Mom?" I struggle to sound truthful....."Which time are you talking?" I ask for some kind of clue....."The time when we were playing tag and it was almost dark and.." I haven't the faintest recollection of this traumatic event but must quickly cover with placating sympathy. "Oh, you really did hurt yourself then.." seems to suffice for the moment.

We are called on to remember numbers...."Mom what is my Social Insurance medical student login.....?" "Mom what is the number to Translink....the bank......the gym?" Somehow, I expect they think there is a filing cabinet within this brain of mine. It is sorted and organized by frequency of use, name of child, date of last use. I sometimes need these clues....."Where did you see it last?" I might ask....or "Where did you use it last?" might be another.

Then there is all the information we are expected to know off the top of our heads. "Mom, how do I get rid of this stain?" "How do I wash the lining of a leather purse?" "My stomach is churning after I ate those lentils....should I take papaya enzyme with probiotics?" "Where did you get those mangoes....shampoo....sunscreen....?" or "How much were those mangoes...shampoo....sunscreen?" "How do I make that cake you made for my tenth birthday....last Grandma's birthday?" "Where do you buy your vanilla....your quercetin.....your quinoa..?" "How do I cook quinoa.....steel cut beans?" "Do I need to soak quinoa? Wash quinoa?"

And so, after a days worth of questions that are not rhetorical, I am often asked....where would you like to, to which I have no answer. I have used up my quota. I possibly cannot seem to make a decision decisively after deliberating, recalling, explaining and then recanting or revising my response. I am not wishy washy...I am not swayed by popular opinion.....I am just tired of having all the answers!!

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  1. I thought it was just me! Well said, Heather!