Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ivy Again

The thing about Ivy is she needs to be watched all the time. I thought I had pulled it all up, only to find a vine twisted surreptitiously around my hosta - choking out all life. When I followed the trail of the vine I could see there was a tiny hole in the weed barrier. Ivy are opportunists. One ray of sunshine or hope and they are back to thriving again. Had I not inspected the plants wilting leaves I might have been too late.

I would like the persistence of Ivy. I would like the tenaciousness - the don't give up attitude, even as some are trying to bring you down. I don't like the sneakiness of Ivy - nor the predatory nature. So, I have liberated the hosta and looked for any hint of green vines extending their tendrils throughout.

To think I saw a woman buying a flat at the garden store. I warned her. "One is more than enough," I offered. "It is for my rock garden, which is rather large," she replied. "I left my garden of quite a size untended with one lone vine last summer. My garden this summer was completely covered and creeping to the north side of the yard...over my diving board," I offered without exaggeration. She furrowed her brow and said, "They are only $1.49 so it isn't going to break my bank." Fair enough I thought....knowing that she will remember the conversation when she is trying to find a hint of a rock in the garden.

Most likely I ignore wisdom that would save me a lot of time weeding too.

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