Friday, August 20, 2010

I try to pretend I am not...but I know it is a full blown addiction. I plot and plan to get my stuff with lists, notes and emails to myself. Perhaps it was the lure of $4 off toilet paper this week. It could be that I am having a large family dinner....but it never seems to fail that my car heads for Costco with the intention of 4 or 5 things and translates later into several hundred dollars.

It could be the size of the packages lures me into thinking I will shop less. It also might be the thought that I might be missing out. The wool jackets are only there for a week, the yoga pants are $5 off for a few days...and tuna....I go through tuna by the case so the savings multiply with the number I throw in the cart that I have now had to go back and find, erroneously thinking I might have been able to carry my few items to the cashier.

I stuff my cupboards full to the brim, my husband tidying them after me. And then, one of my delightful charges says there is absolutely nothing to eat in our house. My mandate is set to go back and hunt and gather once again, the perpetual cycle of the ancient man and modern woman.

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