Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Parenting is like being in the center of a see-saw. You help your child with both the ups and downs. It also means you need to find the balance between holding on too tight, and letting go; guiding and manipulating; allowing freedom and giving boundaries. There will be times when we will be a little off balance.

"Your hair would look so great if you put it back behind your ears, darling." "You can go to the movie, but I don't want you to hang out afterwards." Many times I have questioned myself, my motives, my reasoning. At times I have wished that "Because I said so!" would suffice as the answer. It wouldn't with my kids. They have honed their skill of banter and debate, reasoning and logic. They have questioned our decisions, our conclusions and our protectiveness.

I like this, most days. I am proud they think. I am proud they contemplate deeper than the surface. Some days I just want them to sit on the end of the see-saw and let me move it up and down, or find the balance. At times they want to be the ones in the center...or just off center...enough to find the fulcrum to move the plank themselves...to find that point where where balance and wobble meet enough to offer the rush of adrenalin; yet still safe from tipping too far to the left or right. Balance.

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