Monday, July 19, 2010

Unsung Heroes

I just finished cleaning the shower drain. When you have girls with long and curly hair, this is a necessity at least quarterly. No one warned be about this job. It is disgusting. The hair is tangled and has globs of soap and conditioner making it look and feel like a hairy slug. I have wretched when I pulled on one hair and an entire slimy ball comes up. I never knew this was a job that needed doing. I just assumed the wayward hair would make its way through my drainage system and out to the ocean. I think I assume a lot of things though.

We all have jobs we loathe to do. Many are things no one would have any idea about. Discarding grease from a fryer, cleaning toilets for a public facility...I don't even want to know what happens there. We are all unsung and unrecognized heroes in our own way. Some empty overflowing garbage...others notice drawers askew and tidy them...or check expiry dates on medicine and salad dressings. We didn't ask for the job....we just know it needs doing and it gets done by us. My husband is the keeper of our pool. He frets when there is bits of algae and becomes the veritable "algae buster", scrubbing, concocting and brooding over the proliferation of an amazing species.

And so, off I go to finish other parts of the bathroom that many will never notice need doing, nor notice when they are done, but knowing that we all have our task to do to keep it all going.