Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gardening cultivates metaphors for my life. The ivy was once a wanted ground cover. Now it represents control and irritation. It does not die easily either. I continue the eradication process weekly. Friends are helping with my garden. They share their cuttings, their advice and their wisdom. Yesterday, Krista and I were envisioning the garden, when it fills in. Her visions are clearer as she knows that the Solomon's Seal will spread along with the Euphorbia. The encouragement to plant good things is not taken lightly. The light and soil determine a lot of what will flourish. Watering and weeding will help. It is also about allowing each plant to complement the garden without overtaking it. Ivy works when kept at bay, as does praise. But when it takes over as the sole survivor, it becomes the hubris needing annihilation.

Gardening is life. You plant, you water, and nourish with good it will thrive. There will be times of weeding, fertilizing, and transplanting. Sometimes friends will bring their vision and their cuttings. I need their vision in my life, their suggestions, their help at weeding out the unnecessary to make way for the extraordinary. Gardening reminds me to work at what I really want and to plant and nurture what is important. My life is a garden.

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