Friday, May 7, 2010

I tackled more ivy today. It was the English ivy in my front yard that has twined it's way around my cedar tree, my rhododendron, my magnolia and has managed to hijack some of the driveway. As I am pulling and following vines I realize how insidious it really is. It has taken over and threatens to choke everything else from the garden. As I liberate the area, I know that this will be an ongoing battle. Beneath the soil is a maze of shoots and rhizomes that will sprout again. I refuse to give in to the feelings of futility I refuse to look beyond today, to lament the work that might be.

Krista saw the potential of this area. She envisioned trailing geraniums, hosta and impatiens. The colour immediately appealed to me. I sometimes need others to show me the vision. I am perfectly capable of carrying out the imagery...I just don't always see the potential in, what I view as, a dark and useless space. When Krista could see colour and beauty, it came alive to me as well.

And so, my arms are aching. My back is sore, but I am euphoric when I look at the cleared area. I can now see what can be there. Isn't that what friends are for?

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