Monday, April 12, 2010

More Gardening

It must be the phase in my life that gardening is teaching and reminding me of much. I pulled and cut weeds this weekend clearing a garden from ivy that had taken over. I found two plates, several balls, a frisbee, lots of dog bones and a bathing suit top....hmmm now where did those bottoms go...and tell come there is a top in my ivy? Muscles aching, hands raw from pulling I look around. It looks much better - but I still have a long way to go. I need to plan and plant. I need to eradicate that ivy is not nearly done...but I am.

I used to like the ivy....before it took over my garden. To me there is something idealistic about ivy. Idealistic that is, until I see that it has choked out all the other plants in the garden and has begun to take over the fence, the pool deck....the diving board. The green the ivy provided always felt so familiar....until I recognized that ivy in fact is not only a parasite, but a despot in the garden. What other ivy is in my life?

I finally understand gardening in pots with cement...or controlled gardens that are beds of rocks with juts of foliage. They know the peril of ivy and have made sure it does not creep to their gardens. Wisdom.