Saturday, March 13, 2010


If you ever hear a huge sigh followed by a repressed scream it is probably me. To any of you that have 3 daughters and one good set of tweezers you will understand. Especially you will identify with how important it is when you find these tools missing at 6:30 am, as they are all tucked in and you have a board meeting in less than an hour and have spotted a hair right in the middle of your chin that seems to appear like a beard.

You can ask them to put them away all you want. You can threaten, you can lock your drawer…or in my case I once hid them only to not remember where they were and then, had to wait until they weredesperate to sleuth them out so I could use them too.

When did an $8 pair of tweezers hold such value? Probably around the time I started to notice errant hairs growing….and that correlated with the time my girls were interested in tweezing their eyebrows. It’s like that sometimes, isn’t it? You both are vying for the same thing for a different reason….a toy- because it is fun, or because you want what the other one has….a boy – because he is kind to you – or to elevate your status amongst your peers. Life is like that.

Tools we had no idea suddenly become important. I remember being newly married and suddenly interested in Teflon. A few years later it was car seats and strollers. Now it is tweezers…

One minor solution to the problem came one day after many accusations and the eventual finding of the aforementioned implements wedged between makeup in my drawer. The anger dissipated and I was struck with brilliance as I sourced a small piece of magnet and glued it to the side of the drawer. Voila…..henceforth from this day forward the tweezers would be drawn to the side of the drawer….well at least usually….unless they were taken to the bowels of the house to be lost amongst the laundry and blow dryer that has been missing in the pile of clothes. So, for any of you that can relate to the ever changing importance a tool can have in your home…..get a piece of magnet…a lock….or think it through and buy everyone a pair and you won’t need to repress screams at 6:30 am.

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