Saturday, March 13, 2010

anything motorcycho

If I ever want to buy anything related to a motorcycle….or even hint of anything about a motorcycle, my husband is all over it. He has Craiglist and eBay scanned and can source boots, helmets or a 1969 Panhead quicker than I get the request off my tongue.

He is amazing that way. I just hinted that my current Yamaha 400 Special is just a tad big for me and he was in research bliss. He has shown me hundreds of pictures of bikes…..he has told me of hundreds of bikes that he likes. It is his delight to see what is out there to be “adopted”. And yes – I say adopted, because it is a lifelong commitment when you adopt a bike. I am convinced he thinks they have feelings as to part with one seems unfair to him. This is also why our extra large two car garage is jam-packed with bikes….and that is not all. Our shop that is for a business now displays a few trials bikes, mini bikes, a moped and I am pretty sure there is a flatracker and who knows what else.

It is his passion. I like that about him too. Passionate people aren’t boring. They are obsessive and probably know too much about some things….but they are anything but boring. They attract all kinds of people….wannabes, like-minded, and sometimes people who just admire their zeal. It isn’t their knowledge people want; it is their passion that inspires others.

And so, though I will never park a car in the garage…..and one day he may convince me that a bike would look great inside...I will continue to admire someone that can maintain such enthusiasm every day. Maybe I am a wannabe after all.

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